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Name Change Process – Overview and Reports

We are revising our language, including changing our organisation’s and festival’s names and logos to make sure everybody impacted by gender inequity is included in our shared mission.

Phase 1: Initial Input

First we gathered initial input on the name change through two surveys.

  • Membership survey
  • Trans and nonbinary community survey


Phase 2: Deeper Dive

Next, we did deeper engagement with Two-Spirit, trans, nonbinary, and QTBIPOC community members, and learned together how to move towards inclusion. We conducted the following:

  • Interviews with Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary community members to identify how to better support trans inclusion at WIFTV.


  • QTBIPOC focus group to identify how to better support racial equity at WIFTV.


  • Gender inclusion workshop with board, staff, and membership to collectively learn about inclusion.

Phase 3: Develop Options

Next, we developed options and gathered feedback on potential names.

  • Develop and gather feedback on a shortlist of names (complete)
  • Membership survey on name options

All of the names submitted in the Phase 1 surveys were collated, sent for feedback, and shortlisted by a group made up of WIFTV staff, current and past board members, key contractors, and from Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary interview participants.

To our surprise, a clear front runner emerged from the mix - Gender Equity in Media Society (GEMS) Vancouver. The board voted in favour of proposing the name GEMS Vancouver to the membership due to its popularity.

Phase 4: Choose a Name, and Implement

On April 4th 2023, the organization's membership vote by Special Resolution to change the name of the organization to the proposed new name - Gender Equity in Media Society Vancouver.

On April 12th, 2023, the change was recorded with BC Societies and made official.

Our name change process will eventually culminate in a re-brand - for now, we are focused on ensuring that we record and document the process and that we continue to do the important programming and advocacy work that underpins our name.