WIFTV Brings Together Local Vancouver Producers to Launch the Producer’s Workbook 5

This past weekend, during their Producer’s Panel Series, Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV) launched the fifth edition of the Producer’s Workbook in partnership with the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) – BC Producers Branch.

The newly expanded Producer’s Workbook (PW5) is an invaluable roadmap for independent producers bravely making their way through the ever-changing complexities involved with bringing a project from script to screen. The PW5 is available in both print and ebook format and is accompanied by an online component full of supplementary forms, links, and resources relevant to the independent producer.

Alexandra Raffé, Senior Vice President, Scripted Production, Thunderbird Entertainment has this praise for the book, “I’m amazed at the information packed into this 5th edition. The addition of the countless resource links and draft sample documents online makes this an extraordinarily accessible and helpful guide to producing in Canada.”

The Producer’s Panel Series, where the book had its launch, was a two-day interactive forum held at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. Through the examination of case studies, presentations and discussion, the overlapping phases of production from development to distribution were covered. Panelists included: Tara Hungerford (Scout & The Gumboot Kids, A Window Looking In), Jayme Pfahl (Terminal City, Pure Evil), Jason James (Entanglement, That Burning Feeling), Patti Poskitt (River of Silence, Tempest Storm), Amanda Verhagen (The Devout, Atalanta), Cynde Harmon (Stranger In The House, If I Had Wings), Erica Landrock (Rise of the eSports Hero, Sunflower Hour), Dylan Jenkinson (Numb, Late), Christina Bulbrook (Christina Bulbrook Law Corporation), Heather Watt (Boughton Law), Orrin Stroll (Stroll Law Group), and Nate Lyman (Chandler Fogden Aldous Entertainment Law). The discussion was moderated by former WIFTV president and emerging producer, Rachelle Chartrand.

The panel series was an ideal environment to launch the Producer’s Workbook 5, as it proved to be quite popular among participants and panellists. Producer Amanda Verhagen said, “The Producer’s Workbook 5 is an invaluable resource for emerging and established producers and filmmakers. The book takes you through every stage of production and breaks it down into easy to understand modules and antidotes from working industry professionals. This provides a real insider look into the Canadian independent film landscape today and should be the first thing you pick up when thinking about making your first or next project.”

Women in Film & Television has been producing the Producer’s Workbook since 1989. WIFTV appreciates the work of the 5th edition’s editorial committee: Carolyn Combs, Christine Larsen, Cindy Leaney, Sharon McGowan, Liz Shorten, Karen Wong, and Elizabeth Yake, and the support of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) – BC Producers Branch and Creative BC.